Balloon flight in Okavango Delta

Where and When
Hot air balloon rides take place in North Okavango, where only a few camps can offer this activity. When booking you will be able to see whether a chosen accommodation is among them. This is a seasonal activity that only takes place from 19 April to 15 September.
The flight duration is approximately one hour, not including transfers to the take-off area, balloon (depending on the wind, weather conditions and distance flown).
What's Included
This is a group activity. It includes transfers from the camp to the balloon take-off point and back. Between 45 and 60 minutes of balloon flight (the exact time depends on weather conditions). Traditional breakfast with sparkling wine after the flight.
More information
The balloon flight is a nice experience to include during your safari. You can get the most out of your safari and balloon flight when you spend at least 3 nights in one of the North Okavango camps that offer this activity. We also recommend that you reserve the balloon when you are going to spend a minimum of 3 nights in the Okavango and reserve it for the second day. In this way, if the planned flight had to be cancelled, you could still do it on the last day of your stay and thus you could have carried out all the adventures you wanted. 04:30-05:15 am: Between these hours the transfer is made from the camp to the takeoff point. You must reconfirm your pick-up time the evening before with the safari guide. 06:15-06:45 am: The balloon will start or have started to be inflated. The pilot will give a brief explanation about the security measures in the balloon. 06:45-07:45, just before dawn, the pilot lights the burners to begin the flight over the African savannah. The course taken will be dictated by the direction of the wind, so there is no equal flight. For the same reason the landing point is unknown. The duration of the flight can also vary due to weather factors and the orography of the area to which the wind takes you, but normally the flight lasts from 45 to 60 minutes. 08:15-08:30 landfall and you descend from the balloon. Depending on the landing point, a short transfer may be necessary to the place where breakfast is organized. At other times you just have to walk a short distance to the table where breakfast awaits you. 08:30-09:30 breakfast in the African savannah. Sometimes the human team of the globe decides that this may be the best time for the traditional toast with sparkling wine, although make no mistake, any time is ideal for toasting. The breakfast consists of fruits, eggs cooked in the savannah, bread-toasts and other products. Not forgetting coffee or tea. At the end of breakfast, the transfer is made back to the camp where you are staying, making safari during the journey.
1) Schedule:
These schedules are an estimate that vary with each flight and even with each month. The flight normally takes off just at dawn, so these times may vary.
2) Restrictions:
The minimum age is 7 years. The balloon flight is not suitable for pregnant women or people with reduced mobility. It is essential to be able to kneel quickly during takeoff and landing maneuvers.
3) Take off and landing maneuvers:
These are the 2 most important maneuvers during the flight, especially landing. Due to the characteristics of the balloons, the landing is by impact on the ground. Sometimes after landing the passenger basket could be dragged along the ground, this is more normal when it is windy. That is why the importance of the pilot's instructions and the restriction for people with reduced mobility or who cannot quickly kneel.
4) Weight:
The basket where the travelers and the pilot stay in the balloon are designed for a maximum number of people and a maximum weight. For this reason, people who exceed 119 kg. of weight must occupy 2 spaces in the basket for which they pay double.
5) Flight height:
Although all aspects of the flight are related to the weather, when possible, the pilot considers a height at which fauna can be observed from the air safely and without disturbing the animals.
Balloon flight in Okavango
750.00 USD per person
Minimum age:
7 years old
Flight season:
From 19 April to 15 September