Bisoke volcano trek

Where and When
In the Volcanoes. All year round
National Park. The duration of the trek will depend on the physical aptitude of the participants. On average, the ascent will take about 3 hours for the most prepared, and 5 hours for those in average physical condition.
What's Included
Trekking and national park permit fees, national park ranger-guide.
More information
The trekking to the Bisoke volcano is suitable for anyone who has very good physical preparation since it is a demanding trekking because of the altitude, the slopes, the rugged terrain that can sometimes be slippery must be taken into account, in addition to the humidity. The starting height of the trekking is at 2,700 meters above sea level and the top is at 3,711 meters. Physically well-prepared people make this ascent in 3 hours, although depending on the number of stops that are made, the ascent can take up to 5 hours. The descent is faster and generally takes 2 to 3 hours. These times are an estimate and vary from person to person depending on their physical condition and the stops they take to rest and/or take photos.
The trekking:
Difficulty: Medium – High Approximate time: 3-5 hrs one way Type of route: With a guide from the P.N. of the Volcanoes and in a group At 07:00 in the morning you must be present at the Volcanoes National Park headquarters to register. After the registration you will meet with the guide and with the rest of the people who are going to do the trekking. After a brief explanation, the guide will indicate the starting point of the trekking to which is about 30-40 minutes by car through rocky (and maybe muddy) terrain, the starting point of the trekking about 2,700 meters from height. The ascent to Bisoke starts from 2,700 meters. The first part goes through bamboo forest. As you ascend, the vegetation changes until you reach a strip of Hagenia forest to give way to lobelias in the higher areas. At the top there is a volcanic lake (formed by the accumulation of water in the crater) that offers some beautiful images. During the days of clear skies from the top you have incredible views. After having lunch and enjoying the incredible views that you get on clear days, you will begin the descent of the volcano until you reach the starting point.
As previously explained, to carry out this trekking it is required to have a high physical preparation that allows ascending slopes, in height through rough terrain, slippery at times and with humidity.
Environmental conditions:
The trekking takes place through the rain forest so you should expect that there will be mud and at some point the path will be slippery. Inside the forest there is humidity, there are insects and there are plants, some of them nettles. For many people all these circumstances are part of this incredible experience. But it may also be the case that for other people getting into nature is a challenge.
Bisoke volcano trek
Price per person:
Precio: 85.00 USD per person
Maximum number of people:
16 people