Boat safari in Okavango Delta

Where and When
Some camps in Okavango Delta offer boat safaris. Subject to the water levels in the delta. The flood season is from May to August. In April-May the water level starts to rise, and from August onwards it starts to fall. From November to April many areas of the Okavango may have such low water levels that boat safaris may not be possible.
Duration and Minimum Stay
Around 2 hours. The exact duration depends on the water levels. In case of insufficient water level, this activity cannot take place. The minimum stay for a boat safari is 3 nights in the same camp that includes this activity.
Boat Safari
This activity is only possible when water levels permit. The mornings are usually reserved for land safaris. Later in the afternoon, after having time to rest, a water safari will take you wildlife watching. The camp staff are in charge of scheduling the daily activities so this information should be considered as a guideline.
More information
Please note that climate change is altering the delta's flooding patterns and drought may occur even during periods when the Okavango should be flooded.