The San People in Central Kalahari

Where and When
In the Central Kalahari reserve. This activity is available all year round.
This is a short hike. The exact duration depends on the pace and the encounters along the way. The distance covered is approximately 1 km. Exact activity times are set by the camp staff. The minimum stay for this activity is 3 nights in the same camp that includes this activity.
The San People Experience
In the morning there is usually a safari activity, with the afternoon reserved for a hike with a San guide, although the order may vary. The hike is not long, lasting about 1 km, with the guide explaining local tracking and hunting methods, as well as everything the San need to survive in the wilderness. Depending on the number of days you will spend in the camp, the order and the exact times of the activities may vary daily. The camp staff are in charge of scheduling the daily activities so this information should be considered as a guideline.
More information
The San people are one of the oldest ethnic groups on Earth. Dedicated to gathering and hunting, the Bushmen of South Africa are the traditional inhabitants of the Kalahari region, although their communities reached other areas. Tsodilo Hills, where 4,500 rock paintings have been found, is a sacred place for the Bushmen. This large number of paintings, concentrated in just 10 km2 of the Kalahari, make the area has been declared a Cultural Heritage. The experience with the San people in the Central Kalahari offers you the chance to get to know this ancient culture and discover their survival techniques in this territory. Normally the visit includes a short walk where the Bushman guide can teach you some of the secrets that allow them to live in this desert region.