Rwanda, general travel information

a) Kigali International Airport
Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory for citizens of countries where the disease is considered endemic or for travellers flying via one of these countries. Also you yellow fever is mandatory for those coming from Kenya and Uganda. Treatment for malaria is not mandatory. Consult a specialist in tropical medicine with the authority to advise, inform and recommend which vaccinations and medications should be taken.
Citizens of most countries require a visa to enter Rwanda. Only citizens of countries belonging to the African Union, Commonwealth and La Francophonie are exempt from visa requirements if their stay does not exceed 30 days. The visa must be obtained prior to arrival in the country. This is the link for the online application: Other requirements: passport valid for at least 6 months at the moment of entering the country, and at least 3 completely blank pages in the passport. Entry requirements for Rwanda may change without prior notice so it is the responsibility of each traveller to stay informed.

Best time to travel to Rwanda

Climate change is modifying the temperature and rainfall pattern, which may vary significantly. These changes also alter the behavioural patterns of wildlife. For all of the above reasons, you should consider the information provided as a guideline.

• Short dry season months. • Occasional light showers. • Mountainous areas are subject to rainfall at any time. • It is a good season for gorilla trekking. • Daytime temperatures 16°C and night-time temperatures 10°C in the volcanic region.
• Long rainy season. • Rainfall is heaviest at night but can occur at any time. • Gorilla trekking can be more difficult due to mud. • These are the months with the best lighting for photography, producing images of great intensity and beauty. • Daytime temperatures 14°C and night-time temperatures 11°C in the volcanic region.
• Dry season. • Predominantly dry days make trekking conditions more favourable. • Gorilla trekking conditions are the most favourable. • These are the busiest months, so we recommend booking 12 months in advance. • Daytime temperatures 16°C and night-time temperatures 9°C in the volcanic region.
• Short rainy season. • Rainfall of lower intensity and quantity than during the long rainy months. The forest floor will be wet and, in some areas, may be slippery. • Seeing the gorillas in the rain may give you the opportunity to get pictures that differ from the usual shots. • Daytime temperatures 14°C and night-time temperatures 8°C in the volcanic region.