Zambia, general travel information

a) Harry Mwanga Nkubula International Airport in Livingstone: the best option if your safari starts with a visit to Victoria Falls and/or Kafue National Park. b) Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in Lusaka: best for safaris starting in South Luangwa and/or Lower Zambezi National Parks.
Vaccination against yellow fever is mandatory for citizens of countries where the disease is considered endemic or for travellers flying via one of these countries. Treatment for malaria is not mandatory. We recommend consulting a specialist in tropical medicine with the authority to advise, inform and recommend which vaccinations and medications should be taken.
Check the following link to find out if you need a visa: To obtain the visa online: Other requirements: passport valid for at least 6 months at the moment of entering the country, and at least 3 completely blank pages in the passport. Entry requirements for Zambia may change without prior notice so it is the responsibility of each traveller to stay informed. If you are travelling with minors, a child's birth certificate is required. If the original is not in English, it must be accompanied by an official translation. Moreover, if the child is travelling with only one parent, a letter of legal consent is also required. If the original is not in English, an official expert translation must be provided.

Best time to travel to Zambia

Climate change is modifying the temperature and rainfall pattern, which may vary significantly. These changes also alter the behavioural patterns of wildlife. For all of the above reasons, you should consider the information provided as a guideline.

• Transition season before the dry season. • In April there is a chance of occasional short showers in the evening. • Wildlife is scattered. • The vegetation is green, and the landscape make for beautiful images. Great light for photography. • Victoria Falls is at its best. • Daytime temperatures are 28°C, going down to 13°C at night. • Many camps are closed.
• Dry season. • Victoria Falls offers the best views in June. As the months go by, they become less and less spectacular. • September and October are excellent months for wildlife viewing. • In June daytime temperatures are 23°C, going down to 8°C at night. • In October daytime temperatures are 31°C, going down to 18°C at night.
• A transition month before the wet season. • Very unpredictable month. Some days are very hot and dry, while other days can be very rainy. • Wildebeest migration on Liuwa Plain. • There is hardly any water in Victoria Falls. • Daytime temperatures are 29°C, going down to 18°C at night. • Many camps are closed from mid-November onwards.
• Wet season. • The first rains stimulate the births of some animal species. • Some areas are impossible to transit. • Wildlife is scattered throughout the parks. • From a photographic point of view this is the time of the year with the best light and the best chances for landscape photography. • Canoeing season in Liuwa Plain. • Daytime temperatures are 27°C, going down to 17°C at night.