Game drives in Kenya

Example of an open 4x4
These vehicles are based in the camp. Generally, the most basic adventure camps do not have their own vehicles, so safaris are conducted in the closed vehicle that transports you to the national park and camp. If the chosen camp has vehicles and the transfer is made by light aircraft, open vehicles will be included. During open 4x4 safaris, participants share the vehicle with other camp guests. Private safaris are also available at extra cost, subject to availability. The maximum capacity of the vehicles is 6 passengers. When the camp's own vehicles are used, they are also included in the possible activities planned by the camp. If closed external 4×4 vehicles are used, possible activities planned by the camp are not included.
Example of a closed 4x4
These vehicles are based in Nairobi. They are used for travelling by road rather than by plane and when the selected camp(s) do not provide vehicles. When this type of vehicles is used, the camp does not include other activities except the game drives. The vehicle roof is fitted with a special system to allow the passenger to stand up and have a full 360º vision. Safaris in these vehicles are always private. Each of them can accommodate 5 or 7 passengers.
It is very important to note that safari vehicles are especially modified and custom-designed. Although the design of the vehicles is very similar, the vehicles used may be of different makes and designs to those shown as examples.