Game drives in Skeleton Coast area

Where and When
Safaris take place in the interior of the Skeleton Coast. Depending on the accommodation you book it can be in the Hoanib or Hoarusib area. All year round.
The safaris take place at dawn and dusk when the animals are most active. The duration is around 3-4 hours for each safari. It can vary based on daylight hours and wildlife sightings.
4x4 Safari
You depart for a safari after breakfast and return at the lunch time. There is some free time after lunch. In the afternoon you will go on a safari again. You return to the camp at sunset and just in time for a pre-dinner snack. It is possible that when passing 3 nights or more 1 of the days you spend the full day out. In this case you will have a beautiful picnic lunch. Each day's activities vary depending on the number of nights spent at each camp and the activities on offer.
More information
The type of vehicles used here are generally closed 4x4. The safari area will depend on the accommodation chosen, although in both cases they cover areas of great importance for the fauna that is adapted to this desert region. Wildlife approach the dry riverbeds, especially the desert elephants to dig and reach the groundwater. Giraffes, oryx, hyenas, and jumping gazelles roam in search of food, as do the last lions that venture even into the most extreme areas such as the dune area. The animals that inhabit this extreme region are adapted to the hostile climate of the desert. Safaris take place in the early morning and late afternoon, when the heat is less intense and the animals are more active. Depending on the number of days spent in the area, the camps will program your safaris with the objective that you can carry out the greatest number of activities as well as get to know the area.