Game drives in South Luanga National Park

Where and When
In the South Luangwa National Park. This activity is available all year round. Important Note: From December to the end of March some areas of the park can be difficult to traverse due to heavy mud and humidity. For this reason, some camps will be closed during this time of the year.
The safaris take place at dawn and dusk when the animals are most active. The duration of the activity is around 3-4 hours for each safari. It can vary based on daylight hours and wildlife sightings.
4x4 Safari
You depart for a safari after breakfast and return around noon. There is some free time after lunch. In the afternoon you will go on a safari again. You return to the camp at sunset and just in time for a pre-dinner snack. Each day's activities vary depending on the number of nights spent at each camp and the activities that can be carried out. The camp staff is in charge of scheduling the daily activities so this information should be considered as a guideline.