Horseback ride around Namib Naukluft

If you want to try something different, some camps offer horse riding at dawn or dusk. Find out which camps have this activity on offer.
Where and When
In the Namib-Naukluft area. All year round.
The ride duration varies between 1 and 2 hours in the morning and/or afternoon. A two-day and one-night ride is also possible.
What's Included
English speaking rider-guide, horseback ride lasting 1 to 2 hours maximum, riding helmet.
More information
In the Namib-Naukluft area it is possible to go horseback riding at sunrise, sunset or even 2 days/1 night. These horseback rides can only be done, optionally, from one of the camps in our collection: Desert Homestead Lodge.
Horse riding level:
The horses are docile and easy to handle, so this activity is suitable for all riding levels. Now, it is very important that you keep in mind that if it is your first time riding a horse or you do not practice regularly, it is very likely that you will suffer from irritation in the inguinal areas. These scratches are very common, especially when riding for a long time. It is also common for some type of discomfort to appear in the sacral region or other areas.
Minimum age:
12 years is the minimum age recommended to carry out this activity. There are no ponies, so children must adapt to the size of the horse.
Horse ride at dawn:
It begins with sunrise and after 1-2 hours of riding we stop for breakfast with sparkling wine. After breakfast we ride back to the camp.
Horseback riding at sunset:
After tea time, you will ride for about 1 hour to reach an ideal place to have a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful views. Then you ride back to the camp.
Horseback riding 2 days / 1 night:
In the afternoon you will ride approx. 2 hrs until reaching the point where the camp has been set up, spend the night and have dinner. The next day after breakfast they ride for another 2 hours. approx. to arrive at the camp at approximately 10:00 am.
Horseback riding around Namib Naukluft
Horseback riding at dawn:
3,287.00 ZAR
Horseback ride at sunset:
2,640.00 ZAR
Horseback ride 2 days / 1 night:
5,278.00 ZAR