Horseback ride in Makgadikgadi

Where and When
In the area of Makgadikadi. This activity is available all year round.
Horse safaris last between 1 and 2 hours depending on the rider's level. For beginners and first-timers, we recommend riding for a maximum of one hour. The minimum stay for a walking safari is 3 nights in the same camp that includes this activity.
Horseback Riding
This activity is suitable for all levels. Typically, safari activities take place in the morning and a horse safari in the afternoon. The order can also be reversed, depending on the camp's schedule and availability. By midday, you will be back at the camp. After lunch, you will have free time to rest. In the afternoon you will depart on the horseback safari and return to the camp, just in time for a refreshing drink, sunset and dinner. Each day’s activities, order and schedules may vary, as the exact activities are scheduled by the camp’s management and the guides.
More information
In some camps located in Makgadikgadi you can take a horseback ride of up to a maximum of 2 hours. It is not necessary to have an advanced level of riding since this activity on horseback is combined with other activities. Horse riding can cause muscle fatigue, stiffness and chafing if one does not ride often.