Marine safari in Walvis Bay

Where and When
This marine safari starts from Walvis Bay waterfront. All year round.
Around 3.5 hours.
What's Included
This is a group activity that includes sailing on a catamaran or yacht, light lunch (oysters, snacks, glass of sparkling wine, sodas and beers).
More information
One of the advantages of Namibia is the diversity that we find. That allows us to do a great combination of activities. You can go on an marine safari during your stay in Swakopmund or Walvis Bay. Sea lions, dolphins, pelicans, cormorants are generally observed. With more luck you can find a whale and exceptionally the sunfish. Between the months of July and November there are more possibilities to observe southern right whales and humpback whales. It is also possible to observe one of the 3 species of dolphins that inhabit these waters. Some people do this marine safari with the hope of observing some specimen of sunfish, however, its observation is difficult, although it is always possible. Bear in mind that the observation of marine wildlife is uncertain, so the sighting of any of the mentioned species is not guaranteed. The marine safari is conditioned by sea and weather conditions, so in adverse weather conditions this activity may be canceled for security reasons. At 08:30 hrs you must be present at the Walvis Bay pier, the starting point of the marine safari. During the navigation a light lunch will be offered (oysters with sparkling wine accompanied by some snacks, as well as sodas and local beer). The disembarkation time at the Walvis Bay pier is estimated at around 12:30 p.m. If you require transportation to get from your hotel in Swakopmund to the pier in Walvis Bay and back, at the time of booking you can select the transfers.
Marine safari in Walvis Bay
964.00 ZAR