Snorkelling / diving during the sardine run

One of nature's events that every diver wants to experience first-hand: the sardine run and the feast of their predators.
Where and When
Coffee Bay is a small town located on the so-called ‘Wild Coast’ of South Africa, that becomes a base for the days of snorkelling and diving. The sardine migration season is between June and July when you can observe the sardine ‘bait balls’ and the intense action of gannets, dolphins and sharks.
The experience duration is 6 days/5 nights although you can include more nights if you wish.
What's Included
5 days of boat trips with a specialist guide, 6 nights of accommodation in a 3/4* hotel, 6 breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
More information
The days of snorkeling/diving begin around 07:00 am. After breakfast the transfer is made to a beautiful point where the boat that takes us into the ocean is waiting. Previously, a motorized ultralight will have taken off to be able to see from the air the activity that may be taking place, especially that of the gannets. The pilot and the captain of the boat communicate by radio to direct the expedition to the point where the action is observed. Once located at the coordinates indicated by the pilot, if there is activity of marine fauna, the expert guide will study the situation so that you can dive safely. Most of the time this is done only with snorkeling equipment since schools of sardines rise to the surface frightened by attacks by dolphins and sharks. It is also very important to take into consideration that wildlife activity is fast and therefore it is necessary to move quickly. It will be required to jump into the water and get on the boat quickly, so the use of snorkeling equipment will facilitate the speed of movement that you will require. The bubbles produced by the regulators can scare the sardines, so the use of snorkel equipment is also more recommended. The human team that directs the expedition is made up of experts, so they will consider at all times the equipment to be used (snorkeling or diving) as well as the moments in which to jump into the water. The action between the predators and the sardines can last from a few minutes to even half an hour. The activity that occurs is unpredictable. Once finished, we get back on the boat to go in search of more action. During the morning there is a stop for a light lunch that we will take packed and be able to immerse ourselves in the action as soon as possible. Around 3:00 p.m., we return to the shore to return to the accommodation. From 6:00 p.m. the buffet is open to recharge your batteries.
Sardine run
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