Victoria Falls tour Zimbabwean side

If you choose a lodge that includes the Victoria Falls tour then you do not need to book this activity. Please find bellow which camps include the Victoria Falls tour.
Where and When
In Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe. Not included Zambian side. This activity is available all year round. April and May are the months with the highest levels of water in the falls. From June to September the water level is also good. From October onwards the water level in the falls decreases. In November and December there is hardly any water in the falls. From January to March the falls start to receive water although the level is still low. Climate change is modifying the temperature and rainfall pattern, which may vary significantly. These changes also alter the level of the water For all of the above reasons, you should consider the information provided as a guideline.
Duration and Minimum Stay
Duration varies depending on the amount of time spent taking photographs. We recommend to stay at least 2 nights.
Visit the Victoria Falls
Many travellers wonder whether the best views of Victoria Falls are from the Zimbabwe or Zambia side, and which vantage points are worth visiting. The vantage points on the Zimbabwe side are likely to offer the best views of the falls from September to October. In November and December, the views are very poor on both sides due to the lack of water. The visit consist of walking along the paths that take you to several viewpoints from where you have wonderful views.
Optional Victoria Falls tour
66.00 USD per person
This tour visits only the Zimbabwean side.
This is a shared tour which visits only the Zimbabwean side.